Composer in Residence for the Stiftung Kunst und Musik Für Dresden

Dresden Residency: Week 14

My residency in Dresden enters it’s final chapter! 


This week, I managed to stay just in time to see the opening of the 2019 Dresden Music Festival with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. I was also invited to give a performance for members of the Dresden Stiftung at the Stephanie Kelly Galerie with it’s new featured exhibit called ‘Rage’.   

I performed a snapshot of a work I’ve been developing for solo flute and electronics called ‘Ivy’. Ivy is about beauty that grows beyond control, until it suffocates… much like rage! It was very enthusiastically received and it was wonderful to finally spend time with the members of the panel that awarded me this opportunity, and speak to them about what I’ve been doing.   


This has been a really special period of time for me. Having the space to develop ideas I’d never otherwise get the opportunity to work on has been completely invaluable. I have matured exponentially as an artist in my time here and whilst I don’t think I’ll ever know exactly what I want to write, this experience has brought me a thousand times closer to whatever that is.



So whilst my journey back to London begins, I can say for certain that Dresden is a place of indefinite creativity for me. I have friends here, colleagues here, and I can’t wait to be back in the new year to premiere a new immersive opera!





104 Days of Dresden

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