Composer in Residence for the Stiftung Kunst und Musik Für Dresden

Dresden Residency: Week 1

Having been awarded their International Music Grant 2018, I’ve departed my life in London and have taken up my position as Composer-in-Residence for the Stiftung Kunst und Musik für Dresden.

I’ve arrived at the Festspielhaus in Hellerau, which is located in the famous garden city district of Dresden. I’ll be living and working here over the next 4 months! It’s been a pretty surreal experience so far as there is a concert venue outside my window and a huge rehearsal space about 20 steps down my corridor. 

The residency itself is incredibly open, leaving me with the freedom to explore and write as I wish. I have lots of ideas in the pipeline and I’ll be sharing them as and when they turn into real-life-things…  stay tuned! 

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