Composer in Residence for the Stiftung Kunst und Musik Für Dresden

Dresden Residency: Week 4

Naturally, it took a visit from my Mother and for me to have to play ‘Tour Guide’ for the weekend for me to realise just how beautiful it is here. This is looking up through Altstadt towards the Frauenkirche, which has only been fully restored since 2005. All of the buildings that were destroyed during the war have been rebuilt to retain the original style of the city centre. For this reason, the entire area has a unique neo-Baroque feel to it!

It’s been a unique week for me here in composition-land also as one of my ‘out there’ ideas has run away with me slightly. The number of notes I’ve written down has been beaten monumentally by the amount of time I’ve spent hand-stitching masks!

On the one hand, I really feel like a DIY freelancing artist!

On the other hand, this is the first predominantly visual concept I’ve composed and I’m really excited for how it’s going to turn out.

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