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Playlist Journals

Playlist journals are as a result of a mild obsession that has been allowed to develop.

It all started a few months ago where I started to order my CD’s not alphabetically or even chronologically, but by when they appeared in my life. You start in 1997 with Christopher Hogwood and the Academy of Ancient Music doing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. 3 y/o me was OBSESSED. ABBA Gold appears in 1999, The Lion King Original London Musical in 2003, Lady Gaga’s The Fame in 2009, until our present day where my taste in music is truly eclectic and refined (har har).

Since then, I’ve become fascinated with how different songs can trigger memories, just like looking at photos or reading a diary. Sometimes the memories are even more vivid or you remember stuff you never thought you would. So I’ve started to document songs that pop up into my life into Playlist Journals and I’m enjoying the stories they tell when they’re grouped together.

So I’ve put them here for the world to see and I’ll change it up every couple of months! I guess this is a little bit like stalking my sound memory. They’re only personal to me with the story that they tell, but they’re here because my partner thinks I have good taste (weirdo) and really enjoys them. If you’ve read this far then hopefully you will too!

Putting pen to paper…

Well, not really… it’s putting fingertips to keyboard. But occasionally I have things going on that are longer than 140 characters, at which point they find themselves here.